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Why I got a statistics masters during my PhD

In this post I talk about my motivation to complete a degree in statistics during my PhD, and all the failures that went into that decision.


Happy New Year!

I hope you had a nice end to 2020, however symbolic that may be. I love making new year's resolutions, although I am over-ambitious, as usual. (I'm still checking things off from 2018, and that's just because its the oldest list I have). 2020 wasn't incredibly productive, but I did accomplish a few things. I… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Modeling and Beyond: Meeting 10/2 and discussion with Dr Dreyer on membrane transport modeling

If you're a modeler, join us this Friday to talk about using physics-based models to discriminate different membrane transporter networks https://amoghpj.github.io/modeling-and-beyond/


Beauty and goodness

All in the world recognize the beautiful as beautiful. Herein lies uglinessTao te jing. 2 By defining beauty we necessarily define ugliness, as not beauty or absence of beauty. By defining things that we want, we create the possibility of things we do not want. The Tao urges us to instead appreciate things for what… Continue reading Beauty and goodness

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Returning to my pre-grad school interests

Grad school sucked up a lot of my time and energy. At one year from my defense, and 8 months from graduation, I'm ready to get back into some of the things that made me happy. Music Pre grad school, and even pre college, I played violin, clarinet, and piano pretty regularly. I've been practicing,… Continue reading Returning to my pre-grad school interests

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Online Community for Modelers: Modeling and Beyond

MODELERS FACE A VARIETY OF CHALLENGES. Although the usefulness and appreciation of modeling as a field is always increasing, modelers today often experience a few setbacks. We often teach ourselves difficult concepts in an effort to innovate along any of the fields we operate in (coding, math, biology, statistics). We may complete our degrees in… Continue reading Online Community for Modelers: Modeling and Beyond

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PlantBiology2020 Online Workshop: Mathematical Modeling Across Scales in Plant Biology

The workshop will be online on July 31st from 2-4 pm EDT. I changed the format a little to facilitate this, read if you are curious.

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Diversity is good for science: Math and the status quo

A lot of people where I come from view diversity as a political thing. Some people think that having recruiting or retention preferences don't contribute to anything but some abstract social ideal. I've seen several things firsthand that counter that idea, but wanted to share one experience that specifically involves math (because its "objective"). I… Continue reading Diversity is good for science: Math and the status quo