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Four Tips on Dealing with Rejection

Awhile back I wrote about how I obsessively applied to every opportunity that I was even remotely eligible for and tracked my success and failures over the years. I know that part of the problem with applying for things comes from a disbelief that you could actually be selected for something. That might come from… Continue reading Four Tips on Dealing with Rejection

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Preparing for grad school

You'll always worry about being smart enough, clever enough, reading and writing enough. You can always do remedial classes (I did and wow is it easier than when I was a freshman). Here's some things that might help you prepare for the hard parts of grad school. Therapist Absolutely necessary. Have you seen the data… Continue reading Preparing for grad school


Sartre’s PhD student

Let us consider this waiter in the cafe. His movement is quick and forward, a little too precise, a little too rapid. He comes toward the patrons with a step a little too quick. He bends forward a little too eagerly; his voice, his eyes express an interest a little too solicitous for the order… Continue reading Sartre’s PhD student


Putting my imposter syndrome to work

When I started graduate school I had pretty low self-esteem. I wanted to study mathematical biology, but I still held on to some sexist self-directed beliefs about being bad at math and programming. This resulted in pretty strong imposter syndrome. I've had to teach to support myself through grad school (except a spring/summer semester). I… Continue reading Putting my imposter syndrome to work


6 steps to reducing anxiety through task management in graduate school

Anxiety is tricky to control because we often feel like obsessing over what can go wrong can help us respond in the many possible events. To reduce anxiety, you need to stop this thought process. This can be difficult in graduate school because of the large number and variety of tasks required for success. After… Continue reading 6 steps to reducing anxiety through task management in graduate school