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Computational Plant Science – Clustering in R Tutorial

Last week was the Plantae Seminar "Computational Plant Science - Science at the Interface of Math, Computer Science, and Plant Biology with Alexander Bucksch": Dr. Bucksch mentions using two clustering techniques - B splines and K-means clustering. I've discussed K-means clustering in a previous post to analyze predictors of success in Settlers of Catan. B splines… Continue reading Computational Plant Science – Clustering in R Tutorial

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Random Chance in Settlers of Catan

Games of chance are often people’s first exposure to statistics. Settlers of Catan is a game that revolves around the probability distribution of two independent 6-sided die rolls. The game consists of hexagons with one of four possible resources available. These hexagons are normally in a random configuration. Each hexagon receives a random number token.… Continue reading Random Chance in Settlers of Catan

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Analysis of the predictors of Pokemon strength

My presentation on the best predictors of Pokemon strength (as measured by the sum of Pokemon statistics) were analyzed using clustering methods.