Happy New Year!

I hope you had a nice end to 2020, however symbolic that may be. I love making new year’s resolutions, although I am over-ambitious, as usual. (I’m still checking things off from 2018, and that’s just because its the oldest list I have). 2020 wasn’t incredibly productive, but I did accomplish a few things.

I no longer have to choose.
  1. Collaborative website https://initmathbio.com/: After working on a related Shiny app that matches people based on their research interests, I wanted to create a website that would allow people to self-sort. This was my first time making a website from scratch, so to speak. While the website needs some refining, overall it is complete. I am looking forward to formally rolling it out this year.
  2. Volunteer web app development: I developed a couple web apps for some groups as a volunteer. I will write more on this and some r shiny and web dev tutorials this year.
  3. Pb2019 workshop https://www.initmathbio.com/pb2020-introduction-to-modeling/: I organized a workshop that gave an overview of computational and mathematical methods in the field of plant biology. We had a lot of interest, but unfortunately the format wasn’t ideal. I was really intending it to be highly collaborative, and help people work through their research problems. Hopefully we will be able to provide an in person version soon. I was hoping this year, but not sure with the pandemic, and plus I missed the proposal deadline. 2022?
  4. Modeling and beyond community https://amoghpj.github.io/modeling-and-beyond/: Amogh Jalihal and I started an online community for modelers. We are still very small. But I have made some new friends and had some major conversations that improved the way I did my research (including Dr Dreyer’s talk). I am looking forward to holding more regular meetings this year, starting with a webinar organized by yours truly.
  5. Hardy-Weinberg simulator PopGenSim https://rdale1.shinyapps.io/popgensim/: I developed a Hardy-Weinberg population genetics simulator for the LSU Intro Bio program. It replaces an older version that is harder for the students to use.
  6. Did I mention I finished my statistics degree?

This year, I want to focus on improving my work life balance and reducing my stress. It’s also been a lot harder to keep balance when I’m always working from home. It’ll be the first time in my life I’m not student – about time.

Stolen from twitter.

As far as blogging goes, I started planning last year, but this year I am really truly going to start my young modelers interview series! I am behind on editing… the worst part. Is there anything you would like me to talk about? Let me know!

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