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Collaborative Website: InitMathBio

Although most people can recognize the utility of collaborative workshops, and they are increasing in popularity, how to match possible collaborators together remains a problem. After all, hands-on experience is the best educator, particularly for skeptics of computational methods. A couple years ago I developed a research interest based matchmaking program and put it into… Continue reading Collaborative Website: InitMathBio

Math Modeling, Young Modelers

Modeling and Beyond: Meeting 10/2 and discussion with Dr Dreyer on membrane transport modeling

If you're a modeler, join us this Friday to talk about using physics-based models to discriminate different membrane transporter networks

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Online Community for Modelers: Modeling and Beyond

MODELERS FACE A VARIETY OF CHALLENGES. Although the usefulness and appreciation of modeling as a field is always increasing, modelers today often experience a few setbacks. We often teach ourselves difficult concepts in an effort to innovate along any of the fields we operate in (coding, math, biology, statistics). We may complete our degrees in… Continue reading Online Community for Modelers: Modeling and Beyond