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Modeling and Beyond: Meeting 10/2 and discussion with Dr Dreyer on membrane transport modeling

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This Friday, 10/2 we will be having a special meeting to talk with Dr Ingo Dreyer about his work on modeling membrane transporters. He uses his physics background, and ODE models and modeling platforms like VCell, to show what possible combinations of membrane transporters are possible given the experimental observations of the mutualistic system between plants and their microbiome.

Normally we would hope to give more notice, but since Dr Dreyer will be busy in the upcoming weeks, better now than never! I thought it would be of special interest to modelers in plant biology, and show what kind of things our community is doing.

You will need to be a member of Modeling and Beyond in order to join this meeting. This is because we are an early-career focused community, and want to make sure everyone gets to ask their “stupid” questions. Any early-career researcher interested in modeling can join (from undergraduate to post-postdoc).

And of course, if you don’t fit this group, there are other opportunities to get involved as well. You can join as a senior modeler and share your research or experience with us, just like Dr Dreyer; and if you aren’t a modeler, but want to know more about modeling or collaborate with a modeler, sign up for updates on the interdisciplinary collaboration platform I’ve been working on these Covid days here.

Happy modeling!

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