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Latex poster formatĀ – Cool tones

I made a poster format in latex for my presentation last year at the Society for Mathematical Biology annual meeting. This paper was just accepted for publication! šŸ˜€ Check out the source files here. This poster is 3'x4'. Some of the formatting is a bit creative, but in general I used the tcolorbox package to… Continue reading Latex poster formatĀ – Cool tones

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How to make a 20$ fabric poster

Spoonflower offers custom digitally printed fabric for only 22$. Choose "performance knit" as your fabric, and the yard size is a generous 54". You can print any size poster by centering the image and trimming later on. Check out how nice the text looks in this shot - take into consideration my potato camera!… Continue reading How to make a 20$ fabric poster

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Guest post: Who am I?

a chemist Or at least thatā€™s what Iā€™d probably say if you caught me on the street. Fact is, for modern scientists, there can be a painstakingly high degree of specialization, minutiae, and technical training entangled with their work. Some areas of science are somewhat relatable due to the high amount of news coverage ā€“… Continue reading Guest post: Who am I?

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Ask me anything!

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Converting pdf to print-quality 600dpi image without Photoshop

For a poster or publication it may be necessary to submit images with 600 dpi for the best print quality. I use GIMP (download here)Ā to convert pdfs without having to buy Photoshop. GIMP works for any platform. First import your pdf. Check that the width and height of the pdf is correct, as well as… Continue reading Converting pdf to print-quality 600dpi image without Photoshop

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How to make print-quality figures in MatlabĀ 

I use Matlab to run many of my simulations and as a substitute for Excel. One of the best things about making figures in Matlab is you can capture the figure screen after fixing any minor details like background color or text size. You can also manually resize the window to make a square or… Continue reading How to make print-quality figures in MatlabĀ