Misc, Visualization

How to make print-quality figures in Matlab 

I use Matlab to run many of my simulations and as a substitute for Excel. One of the best things about making figures in Matlab is you can capture the figure screen after fixing any minor details like background color or text size. You can also manually resize the window to make a square or rectangular figure.

To export high quality graphics for use on presentations, posters, or publications, I use the export_fig package.

export_fig filename.png -native -m2.5 -painters

This package can export the figure window with the usual extensions (png, jpg, tiff).

-native produces a figure the same size as the window.

-m2.5 produces a figure with 2.5 times the pixels of the current figure.

-painters allows for better reproduction of any lines in the figure, such as gridlines or dashes.

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