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Returning to my pre-grad school interests

Grad school sucked up a lot of my time and energy. At one year from my defense, and 8 months from graduation, I’m ready to get back into some of the things that made me happy.


Pre grad school, and even pre college, I played violin, clarinet, and piano pretty regularly. I’ve been practicing, and will post some recordings here and on Youtube. I’m so close to achieving my piano dream goal of being able to play Brahms rhapsodie no 2 again, which I competed with my senior year of high school. I need my piano tuned first !


Grad school is tough on the mental health, and having that quickly followed by coronavirus (and starting my postdoc 3 days after defending) didn’t do me any favors. I’ve definitely had trouble with all the transitions. Recently I’ve been investing more time into self reflection and philosophy. I think I’m going to start posting philosophy on here more regularly, pulling from my core set of books: the Rubaiyat, the Consolation of Philosophy, Marcus Aurelius Meditations, the Geneaology of morality, and the Tao. (All these books are free, btw! Benefits of the classics).

One of my dream goals is to prepare my undergrad honors philosophy thesis for submission. We’ll see how far corona gets me- it’s been kind so far to my website and piano dreams 😋


I love(d) reading. Until reading became part of my job. It’s still challenging (as a hobby) because I still have to read a lot – but I’ve been reading some nice philosophy-adjacent pieces that I might post about on here. I have a giant to-read list with some scifi, philosophy, math, and mythology books, hope I can read a few before the year is up!

I want to do a review/summary of this soon. I read it last year but its super interesting.

I also recently got a copy of plant intelligence, that one of the plenary speakers promoted at the online plant biology conference this year. Very curious to read it!

Amazon.com: Plant Behaviour and Intelligence (9780198753681): Trewavas,  Anthony: Books

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