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What’s the difference : balance work and life by being a massive nerd

I love what I do. Often I find myself working for stress relief and relaxation. Although graduate students stereotypically work long hours, perhaps 60 hours a week, I never feel the time passing by. My graduate student friends and acquaintances often complain about hours, work stress, work load, and deadlines. I find myself wondering if I am not working hard enough.


I think for a nerd there may be a fine line between being a workaholic and simply being yourself. The difference must lie in whether or not you are able to maintain relationships and health. Given the stereotype of reclusive nerds, as well as our tendency to enjoy online social interaction, that may not be a simple thing to judge. I would suggest listening to your friends, family, or partner to determine if they are not satisfied with the amount of time you are spending with them, online or irl. Of course, it is difficult for anyone to take sufficient time for their physical and mental health in grad school, but perhaps special effort should be made for those of us who don’t feel like we are ‘working’ when we work.

Ultimately, nerds who enjoy what they do shouldn’t feel incompetent because we are less stressed. It doesn’t mean you work less than everyone else simply because you have no desire to complain. As long as it doesn’t become an addiction, enjoy the feeling. It’s certainly a privilege.

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