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Random Chance in Settlers of Catan

Games of chance are often people’s first exposure to statistics. Settlers of Catan is a game that revolves around the probability distribution of two independent 6-sided die rolls. The game consists of hexagons with one of four possible resources available. These hexagons are normally in a random configuration. Each hexagon receives a random number token.… Continue reading Random Chance in Settlers of Catan

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Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, Part 1

In Part 1, we will discuss how to use Bayesian statistics for data analysis. When to use Bayesian statistics Low sample size Bayesian statistics are useful when you have low sample sizes. Most frequentist statistics involve assumptions about the variance of your data. These assumptions are not very good when you are working with low… Continue reading Introduction to Bayesian Statistics, Part 1

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Statistics Jokes

A mathematician, a physicist and a statistician went hunting for deer. When they chanced upon one buck lounging about, the mathematician fired first, missing the buck's nose by a few inches. The physicist then tried his hand, and missed the tail by a wee bit. The statistician started jumping up and down saying "We got… Continue reading Statistics Jokes

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Analysis of the predictors of Pokemon strength

My presentation on the best predictors of Pokemon strength (as measured by the sum of Pokemon statistics) were analyzed using clustering methods.

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What makes a model good?

How can we identify a good mathematical model? Over focusing on one aspect of modeling (fitting, inference) may not be the best approach. Here are 6 qualities that defines a good model: Reflects data accurately Not overly complex Has predictive power Consistent with general knowledge of the system Can be studied mathematically Can be simulated… Continue reading What makes a model good?

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Different Types of Models: Mathematical and Statistical

There are two broad categories of models: statistical and mathematical. Statistical Models Statistical models are a subset of mathematical models. I am dividing them into two broad categories, although it is a fairly arbitrary distinction. Models to Identify Relationships Statistical models may be used to find relationships between inputs and outputs of a system. These… Continue reading Different Types of Models: Mathematical and Statistical