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How To Install a Graphics Card

I am replacing a small Radeon 5450 graphics card with a CUDA capable GTX 1050 Ti that I can use for GPU computing. Please ignore my terrible cable management. I will fix it one day…

Overview of the steps mentioned here:

  1. Set up work area
  2. Remove screws around installation area
  3. Remove the card and identify the hook & tab
  4. Install the new card
  5. Install the driver 

(1) Set up 

Ever since I set my motherboard on fire, I always take precautions against static electricity. Make sure you’re working on a surface that is not conducive to static electricity. Clean dust with compressed air or 99% pure ethanol. I also prefer to wear rubber gloves while handling components.

2017-03-09 11.06.47
Current setup

I currently have an HD 7950 installed in addition to the small 5450, so hopefully there will be enough room for the GTX 1050.

(2) Remove Screws

2017-03-09 11.08.00
Screw removed

First the screws will need to be removed. In this case I will be removing the graphics card as well as the case slots above and below it to ensure I have enough room to maneuver the new card in.

(3) Remove the Card

To remove the card, press in the tab attached to the PCIe slot upwards. The graphics cards have a little hook that helps the card stay in.

2017-03-09 11.15.36
Notice the tab

You can see the hook to the right of the MSI plastic guard (silver).

2017-03-09 11.20.25
The GTX 1050 Ti

(4) Install New Card

Align the card with the slot, with special attention to the tab. Make sure that the tab lays flush with the rest of the slot after installation.

2017-03-09 11.23.12
The tab is in position
2017-03-09 11.29.07
Both cards installed

(5) Install Drivers

The NVIDIA auto-detect feature (available on their website) would not work on my card, and the driver download took several hours. But Matlab was able to successfully interface, and no fires.


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